Participants will be housed at Hotel Klingler, Pension Wachhof and other places within walking distance of the rehearsal facilities. You tuition includes a double room with private bath. If you have a friend you wish to room with, please let us know. Otherwise, roommates will be assigned. Single rooms are available for an additional cost. Details on the application form.


Breakfast will be provided at your hotel. All participants will eat dinner at Cafe Klingler. You are on your own for lunch and snacks. Pension Klinger also has one of the best pastry chefs in town, so make sure to take time for Kaffee und Kuchen!
Dinner consists of a couple of entrées and a salad bar. Vegetarian entrées can be arranged if we know in advance and if there are enough requests. Vegan food will be very difficult. If you have specific food allergies, please let us know.


You will have dance class six days a week. There are also a couple of exercise machines at Hotel Klingler. And of course, the Alps are right out the door.


Try to bring clothes that are wash and wear. There is a washing machine at the school, and drying racks.  Note that dry cleaning is very expensive in Europe.

Internet Access

Hotel Klingler and the Wachhof have Wifi.  The Kofler Apartments do not.  There is WiFi at the TOP office.  Please be aware that it is a working office, so we reserve the right to send you away if we need to concentrate. The office closes at 10 pm. Late night chatting will not be possible. If this is a problem for you, contact us and we can discuss options.

Calling home

Be sure to check with your carrier about international calling.  Enabling data roaming on your phone can become very expensive.  Most people choose to use WiFi, which only works in certain places.

Reading Glasses

Be sure to bring a second pair.


Hotel Klingler has safes in the room for you to keep your passports and photocopies of tickets. If you are at the Wachhof or elsewhere, speak to the management. It is a good idea to make a couple of Xerox copies of your passport and credit cards, one to leave at home and one to keep on your person.


You can withdraw Euros from any ATM as long as it is coming from a checking account. European ATMs will not recognize savings accounts or accounts at credit unions.
Traveler’s Checks
Cashing Traveler’s checks must be done during banking hours and increasingly large fees are being charged. ATMs are much simpler.


There is a GP office in town who can refer you to a specialist if necessary. BE SURE TO BRING ANY MEDICINES YOU WILL NEED AS WELL AS A COPY OF YOUR PRESCRIPTION.


If you have respiratory allergies, be prepared to encounter new flora, and bring your medicine. Please make sure we know about any food allergies or other medical conditions. (on your medical form)

Make up

Most of our concerts are in small venues, so heavy street makeup will be enough.

Rehearsal Space

We will be rehearsing at the Achensee School which is two doors away from Pension Klingler. Rooms that are not being used for classes will be available for private rehearsal and warm-up.


Mountains make their own weather!

It might be sunny and 80 degrees one day and 40 degrees and pouring rain the next. One never knows. Bring layers. You will get a detailed list of what to bring in your acceptance letter.


Your dinner will be provided, and you may go out on a night off. The local pizzeria is excellent, and is one of the few places which is open late. Anyone may drink in Austria but please be aware that you will have to get to dance class at 9 AM everyday. (Alcohol also dries out the vocal chords.)


There is a small hair salon in town. Men please leave your hair relatively long. Women bring what you will need to set your own hair.


The pharmacy is at the doctor’s office.  Ask us if you need anything specific.

Post Office

The post office is located a few blocks from the school. You can get stamps there as well as make international phone calls. A post card to the U.S. costs 1.55 Euros.

Day off

There will be one day off every week.


You will find a concert schedule at the link above.


Austria has 220 volt current. Most of the plugs are recessed. See picture for the kinds of adapters you will need.